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If you could transform a great city,
how would you do it?


We are looking for Civil Engineers and Qualified Building Surveyors to work on exciting projects in the Birmingham area.

Our recent campaign has been a great success. Please return in late November when we will launch our campaign. Should you have any queries in the meantime about a previous application please contact heather.watt@birmingham.gov.uk

We’re building the Birmingham of tomorrow. Transforming everything: from homes to hospitals, museums to music venues, parks to public transport. And that’s every bit as exciting as it sounds. A challenge on a scale few can match anywhere in Europe.

There’s opportunity for growth and innovation everywhere you look. To have an impact that will echo down the generations to come.

We’re looking for General Practice Surveyors, Development Surveyors and Building Surveyors (from graduate through to principal), plus Transport Delivery Specialists, Managers and Officers. A diverse range of people who have one thing in common: the boldness and vision to get in the driving seat for a city on the move.

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